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WIN028-DOORPTL Engineering
is a leading design and fabrication company dedicated to producing all types of parts for the Recreational Vehicle and Mass Transportation Industries.

These pieces range from simple hinges and latches to intricate locks and door assemblies. Click on the drop down categories below for more information.





Bus and Motor Home Door Assemblies

Our production of these doors ranges from large entry doors on buses to smaller entry doors on travel trailers.  You will see our products on Motor Homes, Buses, RVs, and Travel Trailers.

All of our door assemblies can be customized to fit any size opening as well as any type of exterior material. For information on our door assemblies, please visit our Contact Page.

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Utility Door Assemblies

Our smaller door assemblies are designed to fit exterior storage compartments of large and small vehicles. These designs also include multiple styles of opening and vehicles.

For more information on our door assemblies, please visit our contact page.

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Door Lock Assemblies

Here at PTL Engineering, we have designed multiple styles and designs of locking mechanisms. A few samples of  locking mechanisms are shown here, and many of these have been tailored to fit multiple applications.

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Custom Assemblies and Parts

We also produce many miscellaneous parts for our clients. Some of these parts have included hinges, fan assembly parts, mounting brackets, and many more. The number and types of miscellaneous parts continues to grow based on our clients needs, and we have showcased some of the parts above.

Contact us today to get more information on our current parts, or feel free to call us to get a quote for new parts.

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