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Customer Service Spotlight

Lindsay Pender, Office Administrator

“From the first time we made phone contact with PTL Engineering, Lindsay has been a pleasure and great help. She was very helpful in our quest to find the correct entry door seal for our Newmar motorhome. Lindsay was patient and understanding as she walked me through the process of getting the correct door measurement, and then she began the task of finding the right seal with the help of your team of engineers. Lindsay has been very professional and a breath of fresh air to deal with in this matter. She is a very valuable asset to the PTL team! It is hard to find people who care about customers in today’s world, but Lindsay had an honest concern to help us find what we needed! It has been our pleasure to speak and deal with Lindsay. She has represented PTL Engineering in a very positive business manner.”

-Mike and Robbie (PTL Customers)

Brian Trombley


Jason Jenuwine

Vice President
Customer Relations

David Trombley

Vice President

Jeremy Burger

Vice President
Research & Development